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Goals and tasks

Why this professional society?

The growing evidence for the preventive and/or therapeutic effects of low-carb diets is not adequately recognized by medical and nutritional societies. At the same time, broader society and our health care system are increasingly suffering from non-communicable-diseases (NCDs), diseases that are particularly responsive to low-carb diets.

Moreover, more and more consumers, patients and people from health care professions are interested in various low-carb diets, but there is hardly any sound guidance and neutral, scientifically based information available.


Our mission

The KetoMed Association consists of physicians who have been using and researching low-carb diets for years, scientists who conduct basic and applied research, and nutritionists who research, inform, advise on the potential benefits of these diets.

Together, we wish to support further research, communicate evidence-based results to the outside world, promote the preventive or therapeutic application of low-carb diets and support their implementation.

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