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KetoMed promotes science and research about low-carb and ketogenic diets as well as information and education of the population, and further education of nutrition-related professions. Therefore, we need your support as a regular or supporting member!

As a regular member,  your say can help shape the organization, because you have voting rights in the general meeting. With your membership fee you ensure that the newly founded KetoMed can establish itself. You will also receive reduced prices for events.

As a supporting member (without voting rights) you support our work financially and, if you wish, also through active participation. Of course, you will also receive reduced prices for events of the association.

One of the first tasks of the newly founded KetoMed is to set up and expand this online presence in order to reach as many interested parties, supporters and sponsors as possible. Moreover, public relations activities will be developed as soon as possible. Therefore, the first membership fees will be used for these aspects.

If you are enthusiastic about these areas and would like to support the goals and tasks of KetoMed, and have the appropriate professional expertise, you will find an application for membership here.

As a registered association, KetoMed e.V. pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. The non-profit status of KetoMed e. V. is recognized so that membership fees can be claimed as tax-deductible.

What are the advantages of a membership?

  • Monthly membership newsletter

  • Exchange with specialists and experts

  • Quarterly “virtual regulars’ table” – KetoMed Meetup

  • Download materials for consulting practice

  • Exclusive online lectures by experts on special topics

  • Discounted participation in congresses, training courses and seminars

  • Use of logo on website and documents

  • Expert database

  • Discounted purchases from partner companies